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Safety protocols and anti-covid rules


I am Alfredo, director of the Hotel Saline in Palinuro, directly on the sea with a large private beach. I have the pleasure of guiding and informing you about everything we are doing for You.

General Information:

Hotel Saline is a large structure with wide common areas, it has a large private beach and outdoor areas with lots of greenery, thus we can easily guarantee social distancing. The activities will be mainly developed outdoors. The entire hotel complex and its services are reserved exclusively to the guests staying there.

In all areas, as in previous years, you will find sanitising columns and personal sanitisation devices. Each floor is served by at least two lifts, in addition to the stairs. Only one family unit is allowed to use the lifts at a time, or mixed use but with the use of a mask.

Common areas, rooms, and work and service areas are sanitised and disinfected with professional, antibacterial and antiviral certified products.

All staff, both internal and external, receive ongoing training to ensure compliance with strict prevention standards.

All Guests must wear a mask in indoor communal areas.

It is likely that on arrival and during your stay you will be asked to measure your temperature, which must be below 37.5°.

Room cleaning and sanitisation

  • Daily cleaning and sanitising of all room areas, surfaces are sterilised in accordance with hygiene standards and with disposable cleaning aids,
  • At the guest change we will provide a thorough sanitisation with appropriate professional products,
  • To ensure proper cleaning, we remove unnecessary items of furniture such as runners, cushions and accessories,
  • The bathroom linen provided is washed and sanitised by a professional laundry service,
  • In order to facilitate the work of the cleaners, we invite You to keep all your products in the beauty case,
  • If you wish, you can ask that no one enters Your room during your stay, opting not to have your room cleaned or only dirty linen replaced,
  • The minibar in your room will be on but empty, you can refill it as and when you wish from the poolside bar,
  • The air conditioning, even if centralised, can be switched off or on at any time. All filters and systems have been disinfected before opening,
  • Highly frequented common areas such as the reception hall, corridors, restaurants and bars will be sanitised more frequently.


  • All departments where food and drinks are handled and administered are subject to HACCP protocols,
  • Kitchens and appliances will be sanitised according to hospital protocols,
  • At the entrances to the restaurants and bars and in the corners of the communal areas there are stations with gel and sanitising wipes, we recommend their use,
  • We have space for everyone. Our spacious indoor restaurant can comfortably accommodate all half- and full-board guests. Outdoors, by the pool and on the beach, you can comfortably enjoy breakfast and lunch. It is advisable to make a reservation for Guests who have not included the restaurant service. If you wish, you can have room service at no extra charge,
  • You will have the opportunity to know in advance what the chef will be preparing for the day, so you can decide calmly and also evaluate the proposals of our pizza chef,
  • The buffet service for breakfast and dinner (side dishes, fruit and vegetables) will be served by our staff,
  • All staff in the dining room and kitchen comply with current prevention regulations
  • Guests may remove their masks only when they are seated at the table.

Pools & Bar

The use of the swimming pool will be subject to significant restrictions and will differ considerably from previous years, as the possibility of containing the circulation of the virus is linked to individual behaviour and the influx of guests.

  • The pool water is constantly chlorinated and filtered. Chlorine has always been the best disinfectant,
  • Chairs and equipment will be placed with adequate spacing,
  • Before entering the water, take a thorough soapy shower; it is advisable to do this in your room,
  • Swimming caps are compulsory in the pool,
  • The small pool can accommodate no more than 10 children at a time, the large pool no more than 30 people at a time,
  • It is recommended that parents/caretakers supervise their children to ensure that they respect social distancing and observe the rules of hygiene and behaviour according to their level of independence and age,
  • Our private beach has not undergone any changes.A distance of at least 4 metres between the umbrellas, both side and frontal, has always been guaranteed, so that you are guaranteed well beyond the 10sqm indicated by the law,
  • Each room is assigned a position consisting of a beach umbrella and two sunbeds, which will be the same until the end of your stay; it is not possible to exchange the sunbeds with those of other positions,
  • More than seven metres of shoreline along the entire length of the beach are left free of equipment to allow our guests to move in total freedom,
  • Wooden walkways cross all the walkways to ensure that all guests have less chance of encountering each other,
  • Outdoor showers can be used by one person at a time without creating a crowd while waiting, respecting safety distances,
  • Every morning staff will sanitise all equipment,
  • The entire area surrounding the hotel is exposed to the sun, so you are free to sunbathe anywhere,
  • Unfortunately, for this year only, we will not be able to use the gym and beauty centre. But you will be able to run outside and on the beach at dawn or at sunset, have a nice relaxing massage in your room or outdoors.

Leisure and Entertainment

All of our entertainment team are ready to welcome you with a variety of activities designed, rethought and organised in new and original ways. The aim will be to involve you, entertain you and make you feel as good as before, even better than before!

  • Muscle toning, water aerobics, fitness and stretching will take place in the sea or on the shoreline. Depending on participation we can also do it in the pool and on the solarium,
  • Most evenings there will be musical entertainment by the pool and entertainment in the amphitheatre,
  • In order to manage the audience and to respect social distancing, the seats will be placed at a suitable distance beforehand,
  • Mini club: activities in small groups accompanied by our animators are still guaranteed, but unfortunately group activities for children and lunch with the animators are currently prohibited,
  • A baby dance is confirmed both during the day and in the evening,
  • Where required by law, staff wear masks and gloves.

Baby feeding area

  • Access to the baby feeding area is available for one person at a time, so there will be an agenda where you can make a reservation. The basics (vegetable puree, vegetable broth, tomato puree) are continually restocked by our staff,
  • The changing table on the beach will be used one person at a time, equipped with sanitising wipes to be used before use. We trust in everyone's cooperation.

We have distanced ourselves from everything except the sea

All we ask of our guests is that they support us by following simple guidelines, with cooperation and common sense:

  • Sanitise hands frequently
  • Avoid handshakes and crowds
  • Follow the recommended instructions

I hope you will all agree to our new procedures to protect the health of you and your families.

Ah, another great news! We have simplified the cancellation policy:

  •  Free cancellation up to 10 days before arrival,
  • 50% penalty for cancellations less than 9 days before arrival,
  • 100% cancellation fee for cancellations less than 2 days before arrival and in case of no-show.

It is possible to transform the deposit into a voucher to be used by 30 September 2021.

Don't give up your holidays, they are the most beautiful, unforgettable memories. They are often linked to those few free days that we allow ourselves every year and that we spend with our children, family and friends.

Giving up all this means depriving ourselves and our loved ones of all this, it means another defeat, another sorrow.

If I have missed anything, or if you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to write to us using the Facebook chat or the contact form below.

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